abstainers replied to your post “Why do I intimidate people?”

bc you’re hot


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sliding into your dms like:


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Anonymous said:
Because you are too cool for me 😔

no im such a loser omg 

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Why do I intimidate people?

i wanna knooow

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I retweeted the same thing he said from someone else but decided to retweet Wes instead

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Why do I intimidate people?

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I am almost 16 and my brother is almost 20 and my mom still gives us Easter baskets but do you see me complaining

i got one too. basically all i got was catching fire, a divergent magazine and some nail stuff

theres 5 kids in my family and my mom bought all of us new easter baskets like two years ago,but we only can find mine so now shes putting it in the bag
and i have to wait till fucking tomorrow to get it

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hi briana 

i think

Ding ding ding we have a winner

youre the only one who calls me that besides my 8 year old cousin, but she doesnt have a tumblr


omg i havent been called corn since graduation

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